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Experimental Cassette #0001 by F. Anthony Shepherd

Image of Experimental Cassette #0001 by F. Anthony Shepherd

Experimental Cassette #0001 by F. Anthony Shepherd

This cassette begins with The Final Nights of E.Zann an album which accompanies the short film by Zim + Teemo. From the windows of the Rue d’Auseil, through the declivity, and the panorama beyond, we are taken into the forever night and given consonance with the ancient ones; staring through the mirror of the soul.

This collection of songs explore various forms of composition and production techniques using: analog synth, DAW instruments, 6 track tape, 4 track digital looper, modular and analog effects pedals, and a broad range of real instruments. After taking you on a journey into the depths of sound, and soul, it brings you back home with a playlist of Zim + Teemo animated scores of 2016.

Extremely limited run with original artwork for each cassette: handmade, packaged and signed. Complete with a set of matches for optional burn-after-listening technology.

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